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Moisture Control

A crawlspace is susceptible to moisture and deterioration problems because of contact with the earth. The best approaches for preventing these problems will depend on your local climate and the style of your home’s construction. However, in the upstate a moisture barrier, also called vapor barrier, is usually a plastic membrane, installed to block the flow of air in your crawl space. The main purpose of the moisture barrier is to prevent the passage of water vapor that is contained in the air. The common material used for moisture barriers in a polyethylene plastic that is 4 to 6 mm thick.

There are several reasons for wanting to install a moisture barrier, among them:
1.Energy efficiency
2.Heating costs
3.Preventing the deterioration of the building materials (wood, insulation) by moisture. In winter, as the heated air meets the cold air, it creates condensation, which is water of course. The vapor barrier is designed to control this problem.
4.Health problems caused by molds


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