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Gary and Cameron Corbin

Gary and Cameron Corbin started out working for Cameron's parents at a grading company. Cameron's Dad went to lunch one day and saw his childhood church on fire. Over the years, he had drifted away from church in general. He came back to his grading company office and told his wife he felt like he needed to help in some way.

He asked Cameron's husband and her brother to go get a backhoe and take it to the church. The interior of the church had been destroyed. Only the sanctuary walls were still standing. Cameron's Dad sat in the machine getting ready to knock the walls down as the church was going to have to be rebuilt.

But he stopped the machine's bucket suddenly before it hit the wall. As he sat for a while in the machine, he began to cry. It was at that moment he became saved as a Christian.

He started going back to church, became a Deacon and decided instead of retiring from his grading business, and giving his business to his children as he had originally planned, his perspective on work had changed as his heart had changed.

He called a meeting with all family members and announced that he had decided to sell the business and would retire after he played a major part in rebuilding the church which had burned. That would be his last job.

That meant Gary and Cameron Corbin needed to find a new career path. Shortly thereafter, while on a little vacation, Gary told Cameron that he had been praying for what should be next for the couple. He told her he felt led to go into the pest control business.

Cameron's first reaction was, "I do not do mice and I do not do bugs!".

Gary had worked in the pest control industry years prior.

So the couple returned from vacation and decided this was going to be their line of business for the future and, in July, 2009, they began their journey.

They initially started out as a new corporation working from their home. They had no customers. Slowly, they built up a customer base. They enclosed their garage to expand their space to operate.

About two years later, Cameron's parents still had a vacant office and shop from their former grading business on their personal property. Gary and Cameron decided to move the pest control business there as the company continued to grow.

The office and shop sat on 70 acres owned by Cameron's parents.

October of 2016, Cameron's parents were passing by the driveway to the shop on their way home from Sunday church. They saw flames coming from the roof of the building. By the time the fire department could reach the structure, it was a total loss.

Gary and Cameron lost everything associated with the business with the exception of a few vehicles as they were not on the property at the time.

Because Gary had served with one of the responding fire departments, the couple had connections to the responding firefighters. Cameron made a request for them to see if they could save one piece of equipment inside if safe to do. So once the flames were under control, the firefighters went searching. That item? Her computer.

That computer tower ended up being the only item saved, and the key to being able to rebuild the business as they were able to recover much of their customer list.

They set up shop again in their home to regroup and to continue to serve their customers.

Unfortunately, the report of the fire, which was carried on the news, led some to believe First Choice Termite & Pest Control was now out of business. For weeks, the couple worked to reach out to customers to let them know the company was still operating.

Cameron started a Facebook page and posted everywhere that the business was open. Some advertising followed with a goal not only to add customers, but to clear the air of the rumors that the pest control company had gone out of business due to the fire. The year was still 2016.

In September 2017 the couple moved their business to their current location after a customer let them know the building and property was available on East Main Street in Duncan, SC.

Since then, the First Choice Termite & Pest Control has continued to grow, add employees, while maintaining their commitment to the finest in customer service. The couple is very thankful their faith led them to this business and supported them through many challenges along the way.

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