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Need A Moisture Barrier? Call First Choice

How often do you think about the crawl space in your house? Well, at First Choice Pest Control, we think about it a lot.

Your crawlspace may have a number of systems which are critical to the operation and comfort of your home and they need to be protected. In many cases, you have HVAC ductwork in your crawl space, wiring, and plumbing.

Those systems can be susceptible the damage from moisture which is in the soil and your professionals at First Choice Pest Control know that a damp crawl space is like a welcome sign for pests, most significantly termites.

So what is the answer to Moisture Control?

It's called a vapor barrier. Essentially, high grade plastic which keeps the moisture in the ground and out of your crawl space.

Vapor barriers are recommended for all homes especially older homes to keep dampness under control. This thin sheeting creates a barrier between water and your home. When applied professionally and uniformly, all across the dirty areas and up the crawl space walls, it keeps the water in its place, in the soil.

These vapor barriers also limit the moisture level in the wood in your crawl space. Moist wood is very appealing to termites. Wood rot provides them a nice tasty meal.

Moisture Barriers

Why You Should Install a Moisture Barrier

  • Energy efficiency, better maintaining a controlled climate while saving on energy cost.
  • Prevent the deterioration of the building materials (wood, insulation) by moisture.
  • The moisture barrier protects against condensation.
  • Health problems caused by molds.

Vapor Barrier to Keep the Termites Out

The more moisture you have in your crawl space, the higher chance pests and termites will call your crawl space home. If the moisture content in the wood in your home in your crawl space is tested and results in a 20% level or higher, termites can exist even with professional treatment. That's why your First Choice Pest Control technician may recommend a combination of chemical treatment, bait stations and moisture barrier to keep the termites away for good. And, as an additional benefit, should you need to crawl under your house, moisture barriers create a much cleaner environment for any work you may need to do in your crawl space.

Call the professionals at First Choice Pest Control to learn more about Vapor Barrier installation.

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