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Mosquito Treatment

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Mosquito Control & Treatments

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The Latest Techniques for Keeping Your Yard Mosquito Free

First Choice Pest Control deals with mosquitoes professionally and has the perfect mix to kill them while leaving plants and wildlife safe. Through years of use, First Choice has zeroed in on the best methods which are most effective.

The pros at First Choice Pest Control have regular continuing education to keep up what's the latest techniques for keeping your yard mosquito free.We will permanently treat infestations. And, you do not necessarily need to be home for us to treat your property which means we'll take care of the mosquitoes while you live your life.

The professionals at First Choice know exactly where to look for the breeding grounds mosquitoes most often use and to apply the pesticide in a highly targeted manner.

Our technicians will often use mosquito blowers with her also referred to as "Foggers". The Blower's apply the insecticide into the air, evenly distributing it across your property. Mosquitoes that come in contact with the fog are quickly eliminated.

Our Professionals Help You Enjoy Your Backyard Again


Our professionals are trained to treat your home and yard eliminating adult mosquitoes while also seeking out breeding grounds to apply professional control products.

Our professionals have the tools and highest grade pesticides the best take care of immature and mature mosquitoes. That means you can enjoy backyard picnics and activities without nagging mosquitoes flying around you and attempting to bite you.

For the best choice for Pest Control mosquito elimination, contact First Choice Pest Control. Ask us about our monthly service to keep you mosquito free!

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