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Residential & Commercial Pest Control Treatments

First Choice Pest Control keeps your home pest free and that’s important for many reasons. Most importantly, we don’t know anyone who like creepy bugs invading their home. And it’s not just invasion, bugs can carry disease and do significant damage to the structure of homes. That’s why it’s critical to have a trusted, local company to get rid of the bugs and keep them away.

Make Your Home Pest-Free

With a quick call, you’ll be on your way to having your pest problems in your home under control. We’ll not only remove your pest problem, we’ll also show you some helpful preventative measures and ensure your home is safe.

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Let Us Get Rid of the Bugs and Keep Them Away

You’ll be treated with the best customer service and pest control in the state with our friendly and knowledgeable team of technicians. First, we’ll do a thorough inspection of your entire home to see any signs of termite or pest damage. Next, we’ll determine the most effective solution for your particular situation.

For the new homeowner searching for a pest control service for the first time, what should you expect from your first visit?

First Choice Pest Control has put together this list:

Professional Appearance and a pleasant greeting
First Choice Pest Control technicians use the latest software to plan their days to service our clients. Our team does its best to get to your home or Commercial facility at your scheduled time and you should expect us to be in our uniforms when we show up at your door. We are family-owned and enjoy getting to know our clients. We’ll enjoy meeting you and explaining exactly what we’ll be doing before we begin. Your comfort is our priority. Once we take a moment to get to know you, we’ll get on with the business of protecting your home.

What We’ll Check During Your Initial Inspection
We have to admit it. When it comes to your home, we think like the bugs. How would we get into your home if we were the bugs? That’s why we check all entry possibilities like doors, garages, crawlspaces, around pipes, and windows. A thorough inspection of all of these potential entry spaces takes a little time but gives you the confidence that you either have an “all clear” or we identify areas that we can address and correct.

Check The Moisture Level
It’s also important for us to test the level of moisture both under and around your home however we don’t always check the moisture in the crawl space, it depends on what service the customer wants. Moisture, above certain levels, attract termites and other pests, and rodents, that love dark, wet environments. If your moisture levels are too high, we will offer our moisture barrier service which will bring the levels down to appropriate levels. Another important step is inspecting your yard and the rest of your property. In checking the outdoor spaces, he or she may find areas of concern for future pest issues.

Check Your Yard As Well
Your yard can be a breeding ground for all sorts of bugs. You know the mosquito loves standing water. Our monthly spraying service can keep your yard mosquito-free so you can enjoy the outdoors without the bites and itching.

We’ll Review Our Findings With You
After our inspection, your First Choice Pest Control technician will put his/her findings together and discuss with you. This is a good time to sit down for a moment as our team member shares the results of the inspection. If there are no significant issues, we’ll offer protective service where we come to your home every three months. Normally, we spray the inside of the home once and then treat outside only at future quarterly treatments. Now, should you spot any pest inside, we’ll come back to take care of them.

Your Questions Answered
After our team member has review the findings, we’ll share with you the services we offer which are right for you at this time.

Our quarterly service is offered at just $30 a month or about 12 cents a day. Once your house is pest free, the quarterly exterior treatments should keep it that way.

Don’t let pests continue to damage your home! The pest control professionals at First Choice Termite & Pest Control, Inc., can take care of the situation for you.

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